Adventures of the Mexican-Canadian detective Ernesto Sánchez

Welcome to, a website devoted to the adventures of the Mexican-Canadian detective Ernesto Sánchez.

The first book in the series, Mezcalero, was published in Canada in the summer of 2017 as part of a trade publishing agreement with Boularderie Island Press. The Kindle edition was published in early 2018.

The second book in the series, Wild Dogs of Mexico, was published in October 2018, with the Kindle edition available soon after. The third book in the series is being written now, with publication expected in 2021.

Late in 2017, the Detective Sánchez series was optioned to No Equal Entertainment, with the intention of developing a television series based on Ernesto Sánchez and his world. The series has been awarded development funding from the CMF Pilot Export Program and the Bell Fund Slate Development Fund. The option agreement was renewed in April, 2019. To read the original press release, click here.

Heather Duerre Humann’s book, Gender Bending Detective Fiction: A Critical Analysis of Selected Works, devotes its final chapter – “The Transgender Detective in T.E. Wilson’s Mezcalero: A Detective Sánchez Novel “- to an analysis of Mezcalero. 

To read an interview with T.E. Wilson in The Ofi Press Literary Magazine  (Issue 48 – June/July 2016), click here.  To read a Q&A with T.E. Wilson at the Boularderie Island Press site, click here.

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The author acknowledges the support of the Ontario Arts Council to assist with the completion of the upcoming third book in the series.