Adventures of the Mexican-Canadian detective Ernesto Sánchez

Welcome to, a website devoted to the adventures of the Mexican-Canadian detective Ernesto Sánchez.

The first book in the series, Mezcalero, was published by Montezuma Books in 2015. Mezcalero is also being published in Canada in the summer of 2017 by Boularderie Island Press, with an e-book expected to follow in late 2017.

The second book in the series, Wild Dogs of Mexico, is complete, with Canadian and e-book rights having been acquired as part of a trade publishing agreement with Boularderie Island Press.  Wild Dogs of Mexico will be published in summer, 2018. The third book in the series is being written now, with publication expected in 2019.

To read an interview with T.E. Wilson in The Ofi Press Literary Magazine  (Issue 48 – June/July 2016), click here.

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